The natural inborn talent of understanding pictorial and technical art, these are the starting points of Alberto Zappa, who from a very young age had a burning desire to draw.
A passionate experimenter of textural materials, mixed with colors, he identified with time, details of his style. Today, this means the refining harmony of fascinating compositional works.
For 40 years he has been doing figurative artwork. Here his attention turns to nature. It allows him to represent his work in large projects, grasping them in a fascinating context and observing moments of unexpected joy. He always has an eye regarding a particular moment and humility. This demonstrates that the work itself has a purpose.
When the artist`s impressive environment is transformed, by man, or a prestigious residence, from the ancient city, it is sensed by the massive and protective walls, or thick frosted windows. It is here that he involves us in his imaginary world, populated by invasive figures. Thus, this causes us to reflect on the bigger picture, which has transformed our situation, by the rich testimony of our past, in which our roots are sank.

The evolving nature of Alberto Zappa`s abstract paintings, with the passing of time can be seen to exhale much transfiguration. Much and so more reflecting his sympathy. However this gives us an opening to discover the genesis of his virtual need to represent the invisible existence from the heart and mind. And also to portray nature abstractly in a way that challenge the inherent concert yet better displaying the inherent realities.
The artist however today works simultaneously on two fronts:
Abstract conceptualization with an ever increasing amazing interpretation of the substance yet paving a new path with competence and certainty: That which mirrors humanity and nature in the abstract.
This has no doubt received rapid unanimous consensus owing to a striking elegance in color combination. Whichever way; evenly spread strong tones and rhythms which gives way to shaded tones and rythms. In the whole, creating masterpieces that ignites instant satisfaction and pleasure.
Among his work, features predominately, images with unusual long necks and disjointed bodies which induces to reflection. Could these paintings be highlighting the challenges we must encounter for auto realization? Or are they a reflection of the difficulties encountered in accepting change?
The recent work of Alberto Zappa, contemporary and modern as it is, does not end in offering its admirers esthetic satisfaction but initiates the visitor to become participants. Magnetizing him into intercourse. In some of his creations, even small inserts are seen being distinguished in contrasting colours which breaks the sequence of the surface. This kind and level of meticulosity goes to demonstrate the ardent love of nature of the artist.

Wherever they appear in a scene; which signifies a landscape viewed from either the top or sideward. In whatever sense they carry reasonable significance. The black sections representing windows which bring to our consciousness houses, nests and important places to us: in which all of us can find a place, even as part of a spectator of a desired opera. With ease even possibly identifying the germ or motivating idea.
Posing in front of the paintings of Alberto Zappa, multiple advanced interpretation are inserted in the contemporary artistic discussion. And it is open to individual interpretation.
Thus Alberto Zappa continues to encaptivate us, producing scenes reflecting that of maker and creator.
With his recent works, we are either inspired into assent or invited into expression of contrast mirroring the diversity, the peculiarity and our uniqueness in personalities that is common in the human specie.

Marta Mai